Cristopher “H.C.” Rodriguez  

H.C. SpectorCristopher “H.C.” Rodriguez is the owner of Creepy Bird Studio.  He became intrigued by music at an early age by his father’s odd taste in music and vinyl collection.  He began learning guitar at age 12 and then bagpipes in high school (which he later led the County Cork Pipe Band in the annual NYC St. Patrick’s Parade on 5th Ave.).  In his teens he became obsessed with DJing and later competed in the DMC competition at BB King’s and Virgin Record store in NYC.  DJing naturally led him to explore music production and engineering.  Currently, he runs Creepy Bird Studio and engineers there as well.  He is also studying under legendary Jeff Blenkinsopp (Pink Floyd, T-Rex) tech work and synth repair, and he is in the band The Statue of David.  He has a large fetish for analog synthesizers, in which he owns several legends, including the Roland TB-303.  He enjoys a wide range of music from classical, opera, rock n roll, hip hop, pop, jazz, blues, techno, house, disco, and much more…

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